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APRIL 2012

Our 8 day trip to England started with London - A city with a population of over 8 million people and a lot of history, flare and traditions.

Day 1, A day spent checking into hotel and spending time with Lamont and Carlisle. Carlisle had a day off from the University.

Day 2, A personal tour of the area was provided by Elease's nephew, Lamont who lives in London.

Day 3, The city tour with Lamont and Daughter Marie, included an art museum that displayed artifact of Kings and Queens of England, Kings and Queens of African and some artifacts of the biblical era. We walked to Camden shopping area which included a flea market by a canal and eateries.

Day 4 , A very warm day so Lamont's wife (Pauline) took us for a stroll through one of the Sidewalk Street Market, afterward she took us to a well known park, with people lying on the lawn, some walking, others jogging, as well as, paddling boats through a water channel that runs through the park.

Day 5, We took a CITY TOUR BUS for about an hour an half bus ride to Leeds Castle that was built in the 11th century. From there we visited, Dover - A city with white cliffs, Beaches and the English Channel and then on to Canterbury - A city with shops, Eatery and one of the oldest Cathedrals on record dating back to 597AD.

Day 6, We eat at a fine food restaurant for dinner and took a night car tour over the city's upscale store district (etc.) Harrods, Fenwick of Bond Street, Debenhams, Sefridges.

Day 7, Visited MADAME TUSSAUD'S Wax museum, where we took pictures of celebrities (etc.) Mohammed Ali, Whoopi Goldberg, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe and President Obama.

Day 8, Prepared for our journey back to the States.

   We would like to thank the Jackson's: Lamont, Pauline, Carlisle, Candace and Marie for making our trip so enjoyable    and pleasant....We Thank You.